Reviews for "Mutants II"

pretty badass...

BUT, the controls are horrid because the arrow keys are so far from the other keyboard controls. make WASD an option for movement and you've pretty much got a PERFECT game. good job on everything.


OMG dis game fukin rocks

dis game kicks sum serious ass man keep it up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Some gameplay problems, but overall it was good enough to make up for them. Specifically these were the gameplay problems:

1. The keys are too spread out. If my right hand is on the mouse, I have to take my left hand off the arrow keys to use/select any items. This was especially a problem in the final battle where I had to stop moving in order to press space and heal. You should have used WASD movement keys.

2. The item-selection should be done by hotkeys instead of scrolling through options. Basically the way it is now, you have to select what item you want to use BEFORE going into battle, and that's the only one you'll be able to use for the whole battle since you don't have time to scroll through the items during battle. Which is too bad since you have some cool items, such as the crystal freeze and the spinning swords. If I could press c for crystal freeze and maybe v for swords, I'd use them both all the time and it would be more fun.

2. I finished the game with only pistol, uzi, and shotgun. I had no idea that the game was over immediately after that battle so I didn't look for the rest of the weapons. And now that I won the game, I can't continue from the last checkpoint to get the other weapons, whatever they were. Which is too bad since one of the things I like about playing games is getting a lot of different weapons.

3. By the way what do the "antidote" potions do? They don't improve health or cause any effect I can see.

It was definitely a potentially really good game, make more levels and story and fix the keyboard layout and it's a definite 10/10.


Its a brilliant game! Very Well done. Very new. It was just great!!

swing and a miss

coulda been a homerun bro... but you screwed it all up by making us use the directional arrow pad instead of the wasd keys. thats just messed up and should not be done. therefor I have taken 8 points off of the interactivity criteria... cause you suck.

How did you think making it with the arrows would be more fun???