Reviews for "Mutants II"

This is a good game. I think its strongest point is probably how straightforward the gameplay is. I like this aerial shot you use. I also appreciate how you just have monsters come after you over and over. It's a tad different than the standard zombie stuff. Not that I wouldn't always want to play a zombie game.

It helps that the music is really good. I'm starting to notice that more in games. I liked how it was not just the same mutant. There were also a lot of interesting things you could collect. This was a good game.


I thought this game was quite difficult because the mutants don't die easily and you can get lost really easily in the game.

P to toggle the pause

Arrow keys to move and mouse to shoot. ┬┐Does it need more explanation? :-P
Equipt, not, equipped :-)
Press 1-5 to select between the weapons that you have picked up.
H for what?
Q for quality!
Also, could you add WASD keys for moving? T to talk would be fine.
Very good game! Keep it up!

Nice game, need to explain the items

Here is what the items do, to the best of my knowledge. (Going to the right)
First Aid - Refills your life completely
Ice - Stops enemies for a short time (doesn't work on red pincer mutant)
Shield - Blocks frontal attacks for a short time (or a certain number, I'm not sure)
Antidote - Cures poison from spiders
Sword - Creates four spinning swords around you. Very powerful, even against bosses.
Bomb - Blows up all enemies on screen. Semi-powerful


good game, i just couldnt work with the controls, but still good....