Reviews for "Mutants II"

It'd be great, but...

How do you change the controls? The default controls are extremely clunky and makes all of the features and capabilities of the game pretty much useless.
For one, you have to let go of either the mouse or the arrow keys in order to use the combat items or change weapon. The fact that the combat items have a temporary effect that lasts only seconds, they're pretty much useless. You'll only be able to usefully use an item out of battle.

wow... awesome game

i love this game... you should definitly make another one or at least another game because u r awesome at making them.

Good game

I'm enjoying this game. However, how do you equip items? They don't show up in the pause screen, and hitting 1-5 does nothing.

fun game..

this has got to be one of the best top-down shooters i've ever seen, next to endless war 1. i agree that wasd was probably a better control scheme, or a constant HUD would be better. but the game overall was good, and I liked the macbre twist at the end. (oh, and btw, i use a pc, so to all of those who had to use a laptop to play this game: PWND! )

cool game

it definitely would be less painful if you used wasd instead of the arrow keys! but i wasn't too bothered but that, just a little clumsy to control.

was there just 1 ending to the game?