Reviews for "Mutants II"

Ok But....

Coulda been better but good concept. perhaps improve the controls and weapon selection system but it has potential so try again and make it good enough to keep peoples attention

Great work :)

To be short and honest, GREAT :)
There is only one thing that bothers me, it could use a HUD.
But except that, keep up the good work.

Difficult controls, yet very fun to play

For all of you who read the reviews because you can't figure out where all the guns are....or just want the good old fashioned cheat code (if you want to play fresh, quit reading!!!) Here you go:

Triangle Square Star Circle...put it in the password <--duh
this will start you off with a fresh game with every weapon :P.

Good luck, and happy gaming.
Killer Noob
(You gotta love this game, 4 playthroughs :)


Finally a flash fps that doesnt slow down to shit speed after 30 seconds. I loved the progression with the new cool weapons like freeze shotgun! cool idea. and the new harder monsters! all together an awesome flash.

good game

but theres this HUGE problem with the menu and item. it's just to hard. i cant shoot and try to find health at the same time espicaly with that "9" and "0" scroller thing. it would be alot easier if you can just use your health in the menu