Reviews for "Mutants II"

A addicting flash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

reminds me of the game Smash tv a little bit! Godd job kep them coming!!!

Good but glitch?

It's repetative but GJ anyway I had fun with it. Is their a glitch in the part where you get all the guns -once I have them I can't get back out.

1 word: Woot!

I love these kind of games! I didn't even beat it, I still love it! Keep up the good work man, keep it up!

Great timespender

This was a great game.As always armorgames do great games.The controls were easy to use no problems at all.the only thing i found that could have been better was that you had to have your mouse pointer on the monster to die....Otehrwise the game was greay and i enjoyed it to the fully.Will play it often because it was so good.And the enviroment was cool with moving bushes and that.I liked it alot!

one of the worst games I"ve ever played

it has potential but the controls were terrible no explanation for anything cept the story which most gamers don't even care about tutorial would have been nice good controls would have been nice and a NON-DISAPPEARING minimap would have been nice.