Reviews for "Mutants II"

bad control scheme

the wasd keys would have been a better choice or at least an option forpeople who have laptops

A great idea and a great game.

You did an excellent job on this little gem, the weapons are cool and bosses are awesome. Anybody who bitches because you use the arrow keys needs to shut the fuck up, it's not that hard.


That was alot of fun, armor games keeps delivering great games, nice job

It was okay....

The concept is good, the gameplay is fine, but you should allow people to change the controls on the keyboard. Alot of people are used to the 'WSAD' movement controls. Not to say we can't switch over to the arrow keys, but Laptop users will find it hard to play this unless they happen to have a spare mouse to hook up. You should also keep the HUD constantly visible (the health, minimap, etc.), or at least make it an option.

hard, damn hard!

I never found a weapon, and lots of enemies attacked me on each area! And when I retreated from a hot situation to the past area, there waited for me the monsters I just shot! And I had no information of the items, and couldn't figure out what are the most of them! The minimap always disappeard, wich annoyed me, 'couse I needed it. Short of all, this could be a good game, If u maded it better. Upgrade it, that might help.