Reviews for "Mutants II"

Excellent job.

Good game, Excellent shooter style, of the point n click thing.

Good job

if you are looking for a good shooter this is one of the best. (on NG)


well, it was a pretty good game, but i gotta ask you something. have you played any new games recently? almost all of them utilize the WASD keys when you need to move with the mouse because it is more comfortable than the arrow keys. also, wtf is up with that ending? dude, you gotta have a better ending than that after a long game such as that. o well. in the end, you did alot of programming and artwork, so good job on your hard work.

Is it just me or was that The Warriors' theme?

That song playing while you walk around looking for trouble, was that not the theme from The Warriors (the movie)?

Fun game, good controls.


Mutants 2

It was a lot of fun to play, but the lack of your standard save feature was a bit agrivating.