Reviews for "Nimian Flyer Legends"

Just Awsome!

This is actually one of the few games which I played through on Newgrounds. Excellent engine you got there and amazing amount of rich environments to visit. This game reminded me of Panzer Dragoon Orta with all those dragon monsters. It was great to see so many boss battles and them all being unique, and even the final boss was quite the challenge! The orchestrated music was intense the whole time, but it got sometimes quite repetitive when one was stuck, like on that under water boss. But the boss music piece was a great classic battle tune, so who cares! Definately worth everyones time to play since you wont find something like this elsewhere.

3D kinda but still AWSOME.

the Graphics and sound was tight, but this is the coolest flash game ever, great style and Interactivity. I wish there was more violence and I wish the dialog was funny but neither the less this is 3D buster. great work your one of the best flash artist out there, I whould love to see a sequel.

not enough instructions

sorry, I kept running out of screen while trying to turn. Not sure what I did wrong.

INfinite fire

WOw great game i loved it cept for the long part (the whole thinglol)
uhh 2 things
1 Infinte fire you wait untill you almost ran outta fire than keep holding the mouse and the fire keeps coming
2 how the hell do you beat the last boss!

this game should be...

in top 5 FLASHES XD

da best flash game ever! i just doesn't found any bug ;)

keep iut up!