Reviews for "Nimian Flyer Legends"

this got to be the best game NewGrounds ever seen

wow this was soo good i normally dont revieuw games but this one is OMG good its just amazing its such a big game with amazing garphics and story and enemys and its just wow i cant believe how good this is what prgram did u use for this anyways?its soooooo good wow im just stunned

This is incredible.

Excellent work. I only wish you had made it in something other than Flash, so I could get more than ~10fps.


You don't see 3D games on the Internet that often, and certainly not 3D games with such a good gameplay as this. It was awesome!!... best newgrounds game I've ever played.


That was the best flash game ever.
How did you manage to fit all that and manage to make it as small as 2.5 mb?

popopt responds:

It took a lot of compression in Flash - but i wanted to make it as accessible (and bandwidth friendly) as possible. With some more planning, i want to squeeze out a few extra Kb in the next one:)

Graphics el supremo

An all new benchmark for flash game graphics. The whole detail involved in the 3d and the backgrounds are just legendary.

The underwater levels were so awesome, and the monsters all look mysterious or ominous in some way. Completely unrealistic but what the heck. And good work on the hints and stuff, I know a lot of people can find their way own way to killing them but I'm a noob and probably wouldn't have finished without them =X

Oh yeah and the drig level is bugged, sometimes at the end she doesnt die and keeps running.