Reviews for "Nimian Flyer Legends"

Incredibly engaging.

This flash game had me in a trance from start to finish.

Very Strong sense of atmosphere, and ambiance.

there’s no question that you were heavily influenced by Panzer Dragoon.
The music, and setting and Monster designs are very reminiscent of Panzer Zwei , but the similarities end there, as the health and fire system was incredibly unique, and dare I say even more interactive than the Panzer series it was inspired from.
I love what you have done here, and this Latest in the Nimian series is a culmination of all the hard work, and experiences from the first versions.
There’s no doubt this is a console game in a flash format here.

My only complaint is the lack of levels that lead up to the bosses, and small glitches visible in the art. BUT hey this IS flash after all.

My only wish is that you get recognized by SEGA, and that they may bring you on, to consult on their Next Panzer game.

Because you have some truly unique and inventive ideas.


popopt responds:

thanks MindChamber for mentioning the other Nimian games - I couldn't have done this without building on what I learned from the previous games, and the next one will benefit from what I learned in this game and all of these reviews!

Long time no review

To start i want to say that this is by far the most superb game i have ever seen on Newgrounds.
The graphics are just awesome! Very stylish flash. When you are playing this with a sub woofer you will love this even more! Every boss has another way of beating it. This reminds me of old school games on the Atari Lynx! I don't think it can get any better then this ! Please go on and make an part 2!

ps. Maybe polish up the story line or something? or make a menu !

two wordz....

awsom... as... HELL!!!!! this is one of the best games i've EVUR played!!! UR A GENUIS!!!
having said that, i do hav some thouts...
the game seemed... unnecessarily long, and for that i would have given it an 8/10.
but, the gameplay was great, the graphics spectacular, and a beautiful story to boot!
with those extra details, i give it.... 27/10 (even though the stars here on ng only go up to 10, itz really 27!)
my favorite bosses were the whale, the cliff spider, & the fuzzy whale!
great game! make more! peace!

great game

i love it


I remember playing this when it was on daily feature 2 years ago
Now when i play it, it still kinda rocks my socks XD