Reviews for "Nimian Flyer Legends"

simply outstanding

this game is one of the flash games on NG but their should be weaker enemys between boses.

Great Job

I beat it wohoo. Took forever though.

Holy cow!

That was amazing! The graphics were great, the story was good, and the way it was put together made you really feel like you were part of it... Just one little thing, when you blow fire on the first guy's wings, it looks like his wings become pizzas! ^_^

Great job!

I wuv dragons

This was a really cool game, in enjoyed it and it was quite in depth. If you make another maybe put in a bit more of a plot. And as the alst guy said you could get this published as an actual game.

For some reason it did remind me of Ps2 game

Very cool game . music verymuch resembeled shadows of the colossus I gave this A 10 very cool, grafix coulda bin A lille sharper but very bad ass game .