Reviews for "Nimian Flyer Legends"

Great game...

Graphics: The creature designs are great, the animation is nice.
Style: This feels like a mix between Panzer Dragoon and Shadows of the Collusies (may have mispelled titles). Two games I consider great.
Sound: Don't care so much for the sound FX, but I enjoy the music.
Violence: Nice setup with the action.
Interactivity: It responds well to the mouse movement. I just wish there were other things to do as far as interaction goes.
Overall: This is a very great game. I enjoyed playing it. Shooter fans will enjoy this one.


get this to a game company men they can make this into a great game i loved iT!

that was a very worht while game

it reminds me a lot of shadow of the colossus, which is good thing. gret gamne, keep up ht egood work

two words.....

this is the best game i have seen for a long time
"on this day a hero was born"


I love this game! It is awesome and one of the best games ive ever played on newgrounds, Congrats man I like it alot. Making a second one would be so awesome!