Reviews for "Nimian Flyer Legends"


Awesome game. I couldn't pry myself away from it. Hope to see more from you.

Wow... just wow.

I remember playing an earlier verison of this. Glad to see it's evolved since then.


Excellent Job

I would like to congratulate you... this is the first game to go on my favorites list.. I can't wait to see more of anything like this... you win a hug...


Amazing game, man! Absolutly spectacular! The boss fights were really, really good, each one was varied, so it never got boring (although catching up to the bad guys was a bit annoying some times). The names of the bosses were really good too. I'd say over all it was a great game, although the spider boss had me stumped for a bit (just keep dropping bombs on him). And the scenery was lovely. With games like this, you could really easily get a job in the industry. Keep it up, man!


The music was beatuiful, and the design of the game was creative. =3 Truly epic, which is a lot to say about a Flash game. If only this could be made into a full 3D game, more free-roaming game!

Is a sequel in the works, perhaps? It would be wonderful to explore the other continents in this world.