Reviews for "Nimian Flyer Legends"

good but with problems

good game but an issue is that you can't kill the thing in the water if you don't get it the first time

Gave me a headach but...

The game was nice problem was that it was way to repeated and although the background was very powerful I noticed you used the same pictures over and over.
So even though I beat the game and everything I felt you could have put more effort into the gameplay. Besides this the fact that you had only "Part" Control bothered me I'd of enjoyed it if you could really fly anywhere. But it was still decent.

Loved it then, love it now.

I still love it to this day, I almost wish you could make a free-fly version of this, maybe modernized and tweaked a little, where you could just wander around, set stuff on fire, fly over and under trees, rocks, and the like...

Essentially, I'd love it if you sort of fused this and your classic Nimian Hunter game. Both are still amazing to me, and still quite possibly my fave games ever.



nice game but it was too easy and there was allways the same thing on how to kill them (nearly the same thing)so i give it a 8/10

When I look back

Heh. I played this game years ago, 2006 it says, I remember beating the game and I remember also every single thing you need to do to win, but when I played it again today, at the underwater boss, I dropped the bomb on it, it went up, as expected, then it went back down, I dropped another bomb and it dissapeared-it appeared to go up but doesnt display above the water. As soon as I go back down its way ahead of me. Annoying huh. I really wanted to relive that last battle, and I didnt catch the dialogue that the big flying thing before the red dragon said, so anyway, its a great game and I remember playing this over and over and not beating it because I didnt have the time, the graphics are 3D which is nice, however it is, like your other game, 2D shapes arranged in a 3D looking way. But that was a good idea-excellent idea. You made very good use of those simple pictures and made a surprisingly good landscape out of them. I one time drew pictures of this game :P. The flame breath should be able to upgrade, as I remember the fireflies refill in one or two catches, it got boring. Of course, in a sequel, I hope. The gameplay was also simple but addictive, although the game was composed only of bosses, which I do not have a problem of, but the problem is that (mentioned before) they act like they are going to control the world and they dont even attack. Or resist at all. Overall great game but music was repetitive.