Reviews for "Nimian Flyer Legends"


how the HELL did you do that anyways? Great game, seems to be long too, I'm only on the fourth level =/. Good move on the autosave feature.

popopt responds:

Thanks MagicalPJ - I added an autosave after someone said Nimian Flyer 2 needed one - these reviews stick in my head and its a good example of how they help me in real life programming:)

Holy macaroni yes.

This is incredible! Makes me wonder how you fit such an expansive game into one small window. I played it all the way through. Sometimes it was hard to know what to do to defeat the bosses. Otherwise, it's a beautiful game. The sounds were a bit loud, but I blame my speakers... well done on everything. I'm adding this to my favourite submissions!


this was fun, and it cept me entertained, nice game, and uh, yeah, uh, lol


That's Damn! Like, Damn! You know, Damn. Have I said damn? Damn. I believe you are a Jedi Master in Math. You must be. And my theory is that you created the "3d" feeling by changing depth of the environment. You actually gave my an idea that I will try tomorrow. Great job. That's all I can say. That and Damn!!!

popopt responds:

Im glad it inspired you:) I cant wait to see what you come up with - make sure you send me a link. and you can find tutorials that i based this on here: www.macromedia.com/devnet/flash/articles/samurai_ch2.html

Great job.

And how is it "stolen", TheReviewingGentlema? Both Nimian Hunter AND Nimian Flyer Legends are HIS games, moron.