Reviews for "Fall"


wow a 35 view and 32 vote song. That's even more than flash submissions. But I'm impressed by the song aswell. KUTGW.

Cayler responds:

Thanks, yes that is a unique view/vote ratio for an audio! lol


Definite 5/5, 10/10. The lyrics are BEAUTIFUL, and the melody is amazing!. I phoned my friend and sang it to my friend, LOL Well done.

Cayler responds:

I hope your friend liked it XD Thanks! :)


Is this you singing too because if it is great voice
and the music is great
the message is also so uplifiting

Cayler responds:

Thanks, yes it is me singing. ;) The message came form things I was personally experiencing in my life when I wrote the song. It's a very true message that takes real life experience to really understand.