Reviews for "Fall"

good song

It's pop and has similarities with britisch pop.
Examples: New order, orchestral manouvers in the Dark, Electronic
Listen to them you will probably recognize yourself in them.

Great text!

Cayler responds:

Kool, I'll check 'em out

crack (addictive)

i wouldn't call this pop i think of Britney and Nsync when u say pop this is real music soul music NOT POP .

Cayler responds:

Yeah, I try not to think of them when I label it as pop. lol

sounds great

sounds like from house

Cayler responds:



one suggestion is to add an orchestra in the back ground at the climax of the song that is a octave higher than the normal. it think it will set it for epic.

Cayler responds:

That's a very good idea :)

Great stuff again

Good job! I remember showing your first version to my psychology class, I remember they looked pretty thoughtful after hearing it. And ya did it again. Gonna have to check ya out on itunes, and I hope ya take off with this stuff. Your pretty good at it.

Cayler responds:

Thank you for showing it to your class! If I ever do take off with this stuff, it'll be thanks to people like you. :) No musician ever made it big without an audience that wanted the music.