Reviews for "Fall"


This is amazing. I would love to do a duet with you some day.
This song makes me so happy. Your voice is so chilling in this. Simply beautiful.

Cayler responds:

Thank you for the complements. :) I'm always open to doing duets so maybe we can make that happen someday. (:


I though the original was awesome, but its nothing comapred to this!
Your vocals are, as always, astounding, and its great that youve started posting new material on here again.
Please keep redoing all your songs, beacuse your music gets better and better every time, which must be hard to do considering the already high standard its at!

Cayler responds:

Thank you! It's very important to me to keep trying to best the music I've done before. Even though I am the writer of my music, I am also the listener and I want to hear something great just as much as everyone else. So that's what drives me to make the best sound I can. lol

hah wow.

I remember when you first posted the original version of this song and I thought it was the best thing I've ever heard. This? Now this sounds absolutely incredible! Times my love for the original by 10 and you've got how much I love this song. The vocals were a tiny bit overdone now they're perfect. The instruments and sfx were basic now they're immaculate. Your definitely going places man.

Still my favorite song of all time, and I mean IT IS my favorite song! Is Beautiful Eyes. I Have it on my mp3 and I always listen to it on the way to school. I show everyone I can and I haven't run into one person that didn't agree it wasn't insanely awesome. I try to tell them how to get to newgrounds but they're too big of noobs to get here and download it.

So I love your stuff. Keep it going.
Edge of my seat for your next original.


Cayler responds:

Wow, you favorite song? Really? I'm so flattered. lol I'm planning on hopefully redoing Beautiful Eyes also because it has so many flaws and sounds unprofessional imo. I have already remade 'All the Music' and 'Only Heart' and I plan on posting them soon. Plus I wrote a new one called "You Came to Me" that I also plan on posting in the near future. And I'm always working on more so stay tuned! lol

Simply amazing!

Wow, score ranking of 1. This song is great, I love all the different styles you've incorporated in this piece. I love the background instruments. Especially the sounds that come in before When the sun falls down on the horizon.

This was simply amazing.

Cayler responds:

Thank you. I really tried to use as many interesting sounds as I could to give every transition a new feeling.

well done

as zmanrulez said the back round music is great and i like the part when the song went to the music only just before "if you find a shooting star please show it to me" that really to me was the climax of the song so all in all 10/10 5/5 fantastic as allways

Cayler responds:

Yes, that part was intended to be quite climactic. I wanted to give the song a moment of intense emotion and make the subsequent verse be felt more. Also I had a family member die while I was writing this song and I put that emotion in there in remembrance, sort of like a moment of silence.