Reviews for "Fall"


First time on this part of the website haha. If all the songs on newgrounds this great ill never be able to get of lol. 5/5 & 10/10. Woot!

Cayler responds:

I hope you do stick around the audio portal more often. We've got some great stuff here!

Love it

It's so catchy and addictive. Really well done - Seriously well done :D

Cayler responds:

Thank you :)

Was good but...

I personally enjoyed the song but it just seems like the lyrics need some work :| Otherwise very well done, never heard the original but ill stick to this ^^

Cayler responds:

Thanks, and don't worry you're not missing out on much from the original. Every time I listen to it I think "Is that really me? Was I really that bad?" lol

Very nice!!!

I've listened to this a lot :)

I really like the harmonies at ~1:12 (true, oh), goose bumps!

Cayler responds:

Yes, those harmonies are my pride and joy. I too feel the most emotions when there's a lot of harmony involved. That's why I try to always have good harmony wherever I can manage.

Really cool and original

Dude, so awseome!Can I use it on a vid im making for my channel?PLZ respond

Cayler responds:

Sure go ahead! That'd be cool. :)