Reviews for "Fall"

An Amazing Song!!!

This song sounds so outstanding, i could listen to this over an over an over an over again. Nice Work!!

Cayler responds:

Thanks, I hope you do listen that often! :P


Very lovely song. Only thing that I can see that could use some improvement is the ending falls kinda flat and the lyrics could use some better wording. Solid piece of music overall though.

Cayler responds:

Thanks for the feedback! :)


i like this song.very very good.music is great!!!!!!!!!

very good^_^5/5 10/10

Cayler responds:

Thank you very much! :)

I feel like making a house remake.

This is real good! I like it alot.

It sounds like a good house parody intro; it Could be used for Like "The Dr. Mario Show" lolz.

Cayler responds:

House... Dr Mario... lolz


i love the sound of this man. better than the pop u hear in the radios

Cayler responds:

Honestly I think can agree with you. I hope this pop will replace the current pop. lol