Reviews for "Fall"


Wow. You did an amazing job on the backround music and the lyrics are very creative.

Just to make sure, is that you singing?

Cayler responds:

Thanks! Yes that is me singing. :)

Awesome socks!

Truly sounds radio quality!
I liked your first one, but man, this is pro. Very cool spacey synths keep it smooth. 5, fave, and download, bro.

Cayler responds:

Thank you for the vote, fav, and download! :)

holy shit.

Dude. This song is fucking awesome. I like the instruments you added in there. Your voice sounds so good. :3 I love this! Fav'd 5/5 and 10/10. Dude.. You are gonna be famous. I'm definatley not gonna be surprised to hear you on the radio one day. I love your music dude. Thank you dude for one of the best four minutes and twelve seconds of my life. :)

Cayler responds:

Wow, thanks for the great review. :) I really hope you can hear this on the radio someday, it would be a dream come true. XD

Get a myspace.

This is 1337. Very professional sounding and I LOVE your voice!

- Bahdshah
Can't wait for new tracks from you! THANK YOU so much for taking the time to send a PM to let me know! I greatly appreciate it!

Cayler responds:

Thank you! I am planning on posting other new songs I've done within the next few days.

Definantly beats your first one!

the percussion sounds alot cleaner the vocals sound alot better.... the beat is still just has good. ^.^ the mastering is very well done compared to the orignal.

5/5 10/10

4.57 / 5.00 (+ 0.049)

Cayler responds:

Thank you for the 5 vote! :) Yeah, I'm very glad about how much better the general overall quality is in this one than the last.