Reviews for "Fall"

Love it!

This reminds me so much of Owl City, expecially the lyrics...it's just incredible. :D

Cayler responds:

I do like Owl City music and lyrics, but something about the vocals just shuts me down, sorry to say. lol

I reviewed the old version,

And now I believe the new one deserves some attention as well. (:

As I mentioned in the other one, the lyrics need work. But that can be excused since A: You're in the pop genre, and B: With your musical talent you don't need to be a great lyricist.

Everything about this new version is much higher quality and that's great, however your voice is just a tad below some of the instruments. If you listen to radio pop, the vocals soar above the rest of the mix and actually act as another instrument.

Now, I know you probably won't want to record another version. But just for fun (I hope I don't insult you by doing this) I'm gonna rewrite the lyrics so they're not so repetitive.
Every mother, every father, every daughter and son,
We all fall once, before sinking yet again.
Everybody who loves somebody, everyone falls hard
Like every little rain drop.

Every shooting star falls somewhere
Before a wish comes true.
Every shooting star falls somewhere,
A shooting star just like you.

When you feel the weightlessness of falling down,
Don't give up, just turn around.
Look upon the faces of friends and take their hands.
With all the strength inside you, there's no doubt you'll make it to the end.

If you find a shooting star, please show it to me.
All I ever wanted was to believe.
That anybody can help somebody,
And somebody can help me.
When the sun falls down on the horizon,
That's when the moon appears, and everything glows.
If the rain didn't fall,
The plants would never grow.
And if the sun didn't fall,
The moon would never show.

So if you find that shooting star,
Let me know where you are.
I just want to believe it's true,
Cause I already believe in you.

Minor changes, but it would help with how repetitive it can get at times. It might interfere with how you've written it, sorry.

Great song though, honestly. (:

Cayler responds:

Thanks for being really devoted to the lyrics. :P I will definitely keep these changes in mind if I ever do make another version of this song. ^_^


That was a refreshing tune from the so-so pop music nowadays.

Just one thing;
I think you need to work on synchronizing your vocal with the tune. Some parts seems kinda unsynchronized.

Cayler responds:



Not something that I would listen to on a regular bases, but I do feel inspired by it? Very well produced. A remix would be pretty cool too...

Cayler responds:

I always love remixes. If anyone wants to make a remix of one of my pieces, I'd love to hear it.

Good but let me compare

First I'll say the obvious, the audio quality on everything is much better in this version. That is blatantly obvious and should be taken care of.

Now onto the comparison (as a note I'm comparing it directly to the old one because well, this song is good but I seem to have a preference for pieces of the old and need to get across my taste). I like the opening of the old version just a little bit more because it's simpler. I personally prefer a bit simpler music along with vocal because at times during this newer version the background beats seem to busy and distract me from the words while the softer sound of the old let's me focus on the words. In the interlude after rain drop falls, I like the newer version other than the really strong clicking. For me the stronger clicking feels out of place but it is your song and I this is just mho.

Then right after the interlude the music in this version has very well balanced sound that does not seem, at places, to overpower and distract from the voice. This is why I like the newer there than the older. The added vocal effect at around 2:08 makes this interlude stronger and feel like more. The clicking at 2:50 could be just a bit softer to go with the softer sounding lyrics because to me it feels a bit more like a BANG BANG with a soft sound. This is again imho

As for the end, I love the voice on this version and am very satisfied with it. Overall I like this song, just a few small things that bug me compared to the original but still, a very good song.

Cayler responds:

Thank you for your long an thorough critique. In many cases with any song I write, becoming too familiar with something while I'm writing it can distract me from hearing what someone else might notice right away. Because of this, I sometimes have one part or another overpower another, or just not being strong enough. Various things that keep anything I write from being 100% what I was hoping for. Thank you for pointing out those little things so that in the future I can work on tweaking them to sound better than before.