Reviews for "Fall"

Great lyrics.

I enjoyed listen to this very much. The lyrics are top-notch. It really sounds like you took your time with this one.

Cayler responds:

Yeah, it was written in a span of a few days because I wrote each next group of lyrics after thinking about them throughout each day. I also kept my keyboard next to my bed while writing this so that if I dreamed about something, I could immediately play it after waking up.

loved the lyrics

Excellent job here man, really enjoyed listening to this one, though I must say that I really liked the lyrics here, they flowed together nicely and were sung greatly by the singer, good job with that. The piano throughout the song was great as well, very well played and fit the song nicely, good job with that. The melody here was good as well, very catchy and ear-pleasing, good job with that. And I have to say how this song reminds me so much of a ballot, love ballots. Excellent work here man, 5/5 from me, can't wait to hear more! :)

Cayler responds:

Thank you, I'm glad you liked the piano, it's a favorite of mine too. :)

Professional. DUUUDE!

Seriously, this sounds like it should be on the radio, it's that good.

What I love about this is that not only are your lyrics great, you've also chosen great melodies for the phrases; the way you've delivered those lines is awesome.

Especially the line 'everybody falls once, before falling once again'. When I heard that line, I got chills.

You also have a great voice. It's not too 'in-your-face' and it's nice to listen to. Although there are a lot of people that would prefer a more powerful, 'booming' voice, I think that it's great that people such as yourself can have a unique sounding voice and make such great music with it.

Great work!

Cayler responds:

Thanks, I'm glad when people say they like my voice because I also feel like I should be more loud and booming, but I sing more naturally and emotionally with a softer voice. I've managed in a few cases to be more powerful with my voice but usually I prefer to just stick to the softer stuff.

Sounds Pro

sounds like something you could sell to linkin park, make yourself a few bucks! :)

Cayler responds:

Yes I've considered writing music to sell for some good money, but first I want to try performing them myself.

Amazing! Just simply amazing!

This song is so beautiful. I can't stop listening to it. Your voice the music........ahh just everything makes this song so awesome. Keep it up for i will be looking forward to more of your music.

Cayler responds:

Thanks! I will be looking forward to putting more of my music out there for you to hear. ;D