Reviews for "Fall"


truly good, hope u got good oportunities in ur life : )

Cayler responds:

I do too. lol Thank you :)


It's not many songs on Ng with tracks full of real singing.

Cayler responds:

You're correct. So I'm glad that I can offer mine to this community.

Such a great track

Soothing melody and voice to match. Love this. It's on my MP3 player already.
Want to hear more please!

Cayler responds:

I hope it brings you good feelings while you listen in your daily life. ^_^ You will definitely hear more, just stay tuned!!

Pop music has fallen

And this catches all the longing and nostalgia of the pop generation
that it (as a whole) must be feeling.

Cayler responds:

Yes, I grew up with pop and so the pop of yesterday is what inspired me to write what I am today.

I love it!

Its nice and smooth to the ears. If its alright i like to make a personal anime music video to this. with your permission of course. Thank you for the chance to listen to it.

Cayler responds:

Yes, I would love to see a music video made with this. I would be honored to let you make one. :)