Reviews for "Fall"


Thatw as amazing, and dont listen to the rap idea thats terrible xD

Cayler responds:



I don't hear music on NG with vox, and this is just amazing..
Great voice man, what voice VSTs do you use? I can sing decently, but I never knew how to add good effects and stufff. Also, what mic are you using?

Only suggestion, your voice is really drowning out the drums for a lot of parts. Your voice is really good, so it's not bad, but maybe your should mix your drums a tad higher and then turn up the volume on your vox just a tad. :D

Amazing, besides that. :D

Its great but still needs improvement

How about adding a part where the melody quiets down a bit and someone with a really low voice "raps".


It is by no stretch of the imagination bad. Its actually better than decent. But there are issues with it that keep me from giving it a perfect score.

I feel that the parts that had the quiet "techno-e" backgrounds were the best. If those parts were louder and a larger part of the song, in other words more frequent, than the song would be improved. This would also stop the song from sounding so cliche and melancholy. Also, this would allow the lyrics to stay the way they are without sounding cliche because of the contrast the sound of the music itself creates. I understand that this may be the sound you wanted, that is to say a sad-ish sounding ballad. But I personally think that your voice is suited for more "up-beat poppy" music.

That being said your singing is still very good, and the lyrics, while cliche, are in no way bad. You said that this song is an updated version of an original, but I feel that one more improved version will unlock this song's true potential.

you are so good

ignore the person tath dont like you but change youre lyrics just alittle bit