Reviews for "Fall"

True emotion

This song has a lot of emotion which all great songs should always have. The lyrics are very moving and melodic. The beauty of your work is indescribable!

Cayler responds:

Emotion is my number one goal when I write, so I'm glad you feel it. ^_^


The Song's awesome & relaxing.make more stuff like this please!5/5 10/10

Cayler responds:

Oh I will. I will never stop making stuff like this. :)

Loved it

You're music is beautiful

Cayler responds:

Thank you :)


I love this song! It seems like it could be on the radio! It is my favorite song. Have you considered taking this to a more professional level? Loved it.

Cayler responds:

Yes, I have considered it. I sent this song to Island Def Jam Music Group several weeks ago but no reply yet. I may have addressed it wrong, but if they just don't want to sign me, then I'll send it to various other labels.


Dude, awesome song

lyrics 9/10
voice 10/10
beat 9/10
background 10/10
feeling 11/10
overall 49/50

Cayler responds:

Thanks! :)