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Reviews for "FF:The New Empire Part 6"

I hate sprites usually, but loved this.

I usually dispise sprites and FF films, but I really enjoyed this. Some nice effects and GREAT story line. As sprites go they seemed seamless and flawless. Kept me guessing and entertained. Great work keep it up.

I have seen a few of these from you. What did the other add to the project. I see they all do FF films. Was this really a collaboration or just to pump score? I dont mean any offense in that statement but I have seen alot of work like this from you and voted 4, I just dont see what they added.

THis review was directed too Tootbook, who has been responding to seemingly all reviews.

Tootbook responds:

Well Vince and Tom gave me spells that they ripped themselves. And Vince also gave me sabin's blitz attacks as well. HAcoreRD helped me out by teaching me how to use the ripped attacks. And plus he gave me a few ideas as well!

Thanks for the review.

Good, but who are those people?

This was nice, but I found the dialog didn't really fit with the characters. Would locke the treasure hunter tell edward to 'do it', without even knowing what 'it' was, besides a great sacrifice for the people? Would Celes really suddenly become a maiden in distress and say "oh locke, you always know just what to say!"?

It's fine on technical merits, it's just the elements of plot which tend to suffer because of it.

Tootbook responds:

Well after the war she lost Cid her spirit was broken. She was always looking down on things never giving spirit to anything. Locke always looked out for her in the game as he does now.


Visually, it looks good, plus the music choice was nice. A bit wordy, but story beats senseless violence in my book. I gotta admit I'd have preferred the fight scene between Terra and Sabin to have been done the same as the tournament in episodes 3 & 4(?) though (I noticed that they were more of a real-time style, this seemed more turn-based). The spells were cool though.

Keep it up.

Tootbook responds:


Yawn, again :/

Kudos on making a good movie but we need more originality here, all these FF tributes and parodys are seriously buggin me with the amount there is on NG.

Tootbook responds:

Well i started out not knowing this and now i dont really care because i need to finish it and people arnt gettin THAT bored of it because im getting higher scores everytime and this time i got an award :P.

Nicely done

First one I saw but it was very nicely done. I wish there was a better way for the dialogue to go but clicking it isnt too bad. Keep it up.

Tootbook responds:

the buttons reduce the file size thats why i use them :D. thanks for the review. I wish the other ones lived up to my current skill :\.