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Reviews for "FF:The New Empire Part 6"


this was quite possibly the most boring submission ive ever seen. it was pointless and boring. all talking and nothing cool. i wont say blam it because its part of a series but still, IT STINKS!

Tootbook responds:

Your mom stinks. Tell that bitch to take a shower ;)

I agree - less talky more fighty thanks

So your good in english, good job - I want gore, thnaks

Tootbook responds:

ok lol :)

It's okay

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too muck talking, but I still want to see the next episode.

Tootbook responds:

hehe :)

way too much reading

on line: too much dialouge and not enough action. plus............FF is overrated dam give it up and do something else. but good job any way.

Tootbook responds:

Damn I wanna insult you so bad...but you said good job, so thanks :)

Well made. Thumbs!

You are very skilled at creating things like this. I was happy to see seldom annoying grammar mistakes. The plot was pretty good too (not to mention large). One downside: Became kind of boring after a while.

Tootbook responds:

Thanks for the review!