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Reviews for "FF:The New Empire Part 6"

I didn't like it but i'll be fair

Ya I didn't really like. It bored me to tell the truth. But I think you will do well with this and maybe make front page if you are lucky. I can see some hard work was put into this and I hope you are happy with the outcome.

I didn't like it but you still did an awsome job! Keep up the good work.

Tootbook responds:

i am appy with the outcome thanks! (this is the best review ive ever gotten from someone who hated it :) )


This here, is a very hawt movie. <3
Great work you two. it was entertaining throughout...
This is portal award worthy. Now I demand you get a portal award.
Im warning you....
You better get a portal award, or else...
or else ill... be mad.
And you dont want me to be mad...
because when im mad...
im really mad...
so you better get a portal award...
so i can not be mad...
you know what im sayin?

Nice work.

Tootbook responds:

I'm scared....dont worry i'll get an award :). and if i dont...please dont hurt me...you are a very hawt user <3

very good

u know... whit the story of ff3 i tought they should have done a book with it lol but a flash is very good too lol and i think ur definetly the best for the job.

(just a sugestion): mabye u should do a chrono trigger flash

Tootbook responds:

I am doing a CT flash actually it's called Crono Vs Frog :P. But i will be making a CT series after i do this one so keep that in mind :).

Very Nice =)

Did you ever think about making a FF games..? You should try =P You should try ;P would be a hit..

Keep the work done i love this serie =)

Tootbook responds:

I'm trying to learn how to make mini games for flash so i can make a series like that. For now i'll do movies :P.^_^.

I got bored...

I got bored after reading so much so I didn't even watch the whole thing. Oh yah BORING!!!!!

Tootbook responds:

sorry its just i tried going for story in this one.