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Reviews for "FF:The New Empire Part 6"

whats all this crap about to much talk

morons,there cant just be all fighting ove rhalf of you said les talk,more action,jesus people...

Tootbook responds:

I couldn't have said it better :)


nice job i think im a little to emotional about these ff games but theyre so amazing theyre just so great u cant get it all through ur head and i love the song when aeris dies in 7 :'(

im a geek i know :P ,good work man

Tootbook responds:

Thank you snow man :)

Awesome dude!

I love FF, and this is the best series ever. Keep it coming!

Tootbook responds:

Will do :D


very good

Tootbook responds:

Thanks :P

well made...

despite little action, i care more for story anyways... and although it's a little... odd... it's neat to see you guys pulled ahead with it. The sounds and music were excellent and the best aspect next to the style...

not writting up to the level of old FF's but i liked it....

try and have more animation techniques that you make rathjer than taken sprites... i always think all those fire dance one's are sloppy...

good work tho... keep at it.

Tootbook responds:

Thanks man, we appreciate it :)