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Reviews for "FF:The New Empire Part 6"


This flash seemed to slow, I thought after the madness clicking there would be a battle but there wasn't. The next one will get a much bettr rating because of the action I hope.

Tootbook responds:

Yes the next one will be much better rated, because this one was a test to see how people liked the spells. The next movie will have a war scene with mass fighting not just a simple one on one. But i will have one on ones going on in that one also...keep your eyes peeled for it!

You're hot,

I wish to bear yours and Canibus_Clock's children! I also wish to kill illwillpress for he is a penis!

Tootbook responds:

Yes illwillpress is a talentless hack!


Good Job, Was just like actually watching a FF III cut-scene

Tootbook responds:

Thanks :D

I just found out something.

My eyes didn't bleed from the animation this time. Good job. Anyway, nice cheap shot in that fight. (If you know what I mean <.<;)

Tootbook responds:

Yeah, poor Terra :P

Oh yeah bench.

I like that thing alot, dah story line was on point and the violence was surreal. Dats whats up homie."HOLLA"

Tootbook responds: