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Reviews for "FF:The New Empire Part 6"

pretty cool..

I usually dont like ff stuff but this was pretty good. the battle thing was neat and reminded me of stuff like chrono trigger. by the way , whats the name of the song at the end?

Tootbook responds:

kefka's theme from final fantasy three. thanks for the review ponce.

Good but quite boring

I think only people who have played this Final Fantasy would be interrested in the story line. I read almost all of it though since it was actually good.

Hope the next one has more action.

BTW thanks for making giant buttons to click on, I hate it when people make dippy baby arrows to read through text.

Tootbook responds:

Well I'm glad you liked it. The next one will have more action!

Hardcore FF-fan made

I've seen many ff-flash movies, and most of them deal with random battles and meaningless violence (which can be cool with the right mix of spells and techniques) but since this one has a storyline it's very convincing and shows the relationship between the characters. Awesome job, keep up the good work!

Tootbook responds:

Thank you for the review, MeccaZ :)

fantastic once again

this one was great. it was mainly based on the story which was a good thing cause now i understand what going on.
in short great job and keep up the good work

Tootbook responds:

lol yeah i kinda forgot to make it make sense but guess what? IT FINALLY GOT AN AWARD! WOOT! thanks for watching my series rpg and be sure to check out vince's also hes great!


Let me explainw hy this is this is good.

1.The story is such a big part in this episode as you can tell and thats a big thing in this series.
2. The feeling and looks are like straight from a final fantasy game ,it looks like your playing the game.
3.The spells are perfect and are very eye catching.
4. The time you took in it is a big thing i score on and i can tell you took your time in this.

Great job! Good luck for your further installments.

Tootbook responds:

Thank you, we really appreciate the feedback. And yes this took some time to make, and it shows :)