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Reviews for "FF:The New Empire Part 6"

verry cool

well ive only gottent to see this episode because im fairly new to ng but i have to say that this is a awesome flash it has a well written plot that is worth the reading and clicking lol.its good to finally see someone trying to add on to what i think is the second most epic rpg story out there (ff7 is #1)either way i only noticed 1 thing when you changed the scene from inside the castle w/edgar and sabin to the outside scene the music seemed to have skipped in its loop(sorry im a oblesive compulsive lil twit)thought i should point it out it was still awesome

Tootbook responds:

Haha...thanks for the review man..i'll release the remake of part 3 soon...SOON


Another awesome chapter of your series. I would like to see you change the dialoge I don't feel like clicking to go to the next person speaking. Other than that your music choice didn't hurt my ears as much as it used to. Well you are doing great.

Tootbook responds:

unfortunatly the buttons are here to stay, i cant reduce my filesize any other way because im not good with audio optimization...though i do agree its frusterating..im sorry repent. I'll be sure to figure it out! your now my favorite reviewer!

Great but a lot of reading and clicking

I have to admit i do like final fantasy flashes that make fun of it and some of it's music. I like almost all flashes that make fun of videogames. This flash isn't 100% good bacause of all it's reading and clicking but it would be a great movie if there was a little speaking and not so much clicking.

Tootbook responds:

My FFVI:The new empire 2 is action packed for your bloodthirst!

damn good

very nice liked all of it :D

Tootbook responds:

Thank you.


I love this especially bcuz I did absolutly nothing to help to make this and im on the co author list. I gonna gib j00 10 just becuz I must have helped make this movie while I was sleeping or something.

X_X O_O o_O o_O
Love, Gold Crow

(I really would have given it a 7 or 8 overall and I gave you the ten because you tened the movie that you had nothing to do with)

Tootbook responds:

yup while you were sleeping you made the whole thing..doncha remember?