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Reviews for "FF:The New Empire Part 6"

wicked series

lol great series, and ignore that guy talking about 'to much talking' the story line is great...but didnt umaro get killed in the tournament and they no leo is alive cuz they saw him at the tournament... lol but apart from that very gud

Tootbook responds:

None of those guys were at the tournament, they did see Leo yes I admit that, but did you notice he wasnt himself?...like an illusion of the tournament? and didnt you find it strange that kain did not return home? think about it >=).

i loved it

i love final fantasy, especialy ff6. that was brilliant. congrats on making it to the front page. hope u make some more.

Tootbook responds:

Thanks man! It feels good to be on the front page :D

to much talky

yeah way too much talky

Tootbook responds:

I am cawlky

I liked it.

The story is interesting ,and sabin was one of my favorite characters, I used him all the time. I know that you need a story to set the action so not having much fighting here doesn't bother me. I will definitely watch the next part. I do remeber the story since it was one of my favorite games, but how can magic still exist? At the end of the story of ff6 the statues that where the origins of magic where destroyed erasing all magic from the world.

Tootbook responds:

"but how can magic still exist?" all will be explained in time. especially terra being alive.

not bad

too much talking but when something actually happened it looked pretty cool. And final fantasy 6 is a great game. I have yet to see someone do a FF6 parody without sprites. that would be cool. If no one else will then I'll have to, lol

Tootbook responds:

Ahh I loved your movie! anyways, my last flash of this series ( and all my series) will be handrawn, very well i might add by me. Thanks for the review matt.