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Reviews for "FF:The New Empire Part 6"


nothin special but not bad, i dont know about a #3

Tootbook responds:

#3? Can you not count? This is episode 6, fewel!


man ff rules we need more ffx stuff

Tootbook responds:

Indeed :D

Very enjoyable

We get a lot of FF stuff here on NG, most of it is crap work but here we have something that's definately worthwhile. The sprites were clean, smooth, and you even had the infamous Kefka laugh.

Good work with the battles and all too. Very fun to watch. I especially liked your transparent text boxes. It was like they were made of glass or something (Good choice of sound sfx to use when clicking on them too.)

Over all, two thumbs way up. Very enjoyable. I look forward to the next one.

Tootbook responds:

Thank you! Best review so far :D

Much better

Now this really has potential.... all the others where good to.. but the magic affects well... to be honest they really where bad the magic in this one is a helluva lot better... hope you keep it that way and continue this series its really good and the storyline is good to.

Tootbook responds:

Thanks to Vinstigator, the magic attacks got better :)

Not Bad Not Bad

Well Only 1 Porblem With It You Need More Battle Lol Alot Of Talking In This One X_X Great Job Can't Wait Untill The Other One Comes Out

Tootbook responds:

I'll try to do more battles lol