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Reviews for "FF:The New Empire Part 6"


Great job on this episode man! The spells just looked hella awesome and you have a nice storyline going on. Keep it up!

Tootbook responds:

sure will thanks!

its just keeping getting better!!!!!!!

it was very well done , but , somettime i wonder for where they come ????????? , there was no door , i laugh at those moment lol.
battle scene was great , wow like the real . story line is going somewhere. very good ,
sniff now i have to wait again , IM GOING TO MY ROOM AND CRY !!

Tootbook responds:

lol cybor dont worry it will be out soon and its gonna be even better! i am alwasy improvin with each one!

Don't listen to the last guy

The last guy needs to get laid cuz he seems sexually deprived. Anyway, this was the best sprite animation since FFVI: The Day After - Part 14! Glad I could help you out with those attacks, they looked awesome!

Tootbook responds:

lol hes just a level one noob i dont listen to him...now a guy with ten awards...maybe i'd like to listen to him instead :P.

He said travesty.......hahaha.......it was good.

I liked it. the game screens were nice background too. they really should get an award. I think all the old nes and snes classics should be put on the gameboy advance, so all the youngsters can enjoy them, and i salute the people who still have fond memories of the time when Samus Aran was a household name, and people looked up to Mario and Luigi, instead of buying a game because the main character has 150% more pixels in her boobs alone than in every 8-bit game ever made. I love you, guys.

Tootbook responds:

Thank you. Hopefully we'll get an award :)

This is just awsome!

Well if u love the old final fantasy games you'll love this!

Tootbook responds:

thanks man! you rule at flash dude. congrats on front page!