Reviews for "NGTTXIV Group A"


the best ones were luis and secret agent redge. the others were ok, but i think more thought was put into them, eitherway, all really good!!
keep em coming guys!!

Another great compliation.

Very interesting idea for these movies: You just keep getting tougher on them. Limited movie size, limited tools, limited colors, and a required theme! Packing it all on. And getting excellent results. All 5 movies were great, my favorite one having to go to Quelantaro, followed by Ruis.

I look forward to Group B.


some of them were good, some of them were not but ill just put 10 for everything. Too bad i couldnt enter, post mine up later. But i swear Fudge used alpha in his movie, the part where the title comes up... isnt that against the rules?


wow..... All of them were really cool. Kinada short, but really cool.

flipping awesome, it was.

once again, im baffled by the immense talent shown in these TT's. all submissions were fantastic, and were very entertaining, and well made.
Quelantaro: i found your submission to be most amusing. the story line seemed to be very good, and the movie was animated very, very well - a lot of good FbF animation. all of the movements were good, and the music was also very good. a very entertaining little movie.
Luis: i really enjoyed watching your submission, as it was just like a small movie-instead of a small TT submission. the story line was good, and the movie was also very well animated. everything was very well drawn, such as the characters, the mailbox, gun, etc. i also found the narration to be a good addition, as it helped out a lot with the telling of the story line. (the red in the movie was very effective). a cool little movie.
Sqeezy: i found your submission most entertaining. it was fast paced, goofy and pretty funny, too! the music was great, as it went well with the animations. also, the movie was non-stop, fast paced all the way through, with funny animations and a generally crazy mood. also, the ending was most unexpected, and was quite a good one, i feel. a funny, fast short.
Fudge: i very weird, vioent submission, and quite entertaining. the music was cool, and most of the animation was in stop frames - so it was quite effective. there was a bit more red in this submission than the previous ones, and it looked good. a pretty cool, gruesome movie.
Secret Agent Rege: The names, Cognito... Ian, cognito. hahah. another very good submission. it was quite similar to Luis's submission, apart from the funny twist at the end! i found it most amusing, and very funny. a very cool little movie.
so, overall i found these time trials to be very, very entertaining. all 5 movies were really well made and animated, and i found that the use of only black, white and red very good. so well done, to all of you. i'll be sure to look out for group B.
overall score: 8.5/10