Reviews for "NGTTXIV Group A"

Some real killers.

Quelantaro - Great timing, some nice ways of conveying expressions and some very groovy music. I specially liked the unrelated bit at the start, simply setting the scene.

Sqeezy - the whole thing was very recognisably your own style and the irony mildly amusing. Nice timing here too although I wasn't the biggest fan of the story.

Luis - Nicely animated and to do that in one night... wow. Amazing. The plot was a bit too obvious mebbe, told with no twists or extras, but it was nicely animated and voiced.

Fudge - Very nice animation and I like the way you shaded stuff. It was really crazy the way her blood disappeared, but it was told nice and concisely even if I'm not sure if it truly fits the title... ;p

Secret Agent Rege - My favourite. The whole thing was a brilliant joke told with brilliant timing. I know a previous reviewer said you had stolen the story, but it's very different with the jokes you incorporate and such.

Anyway, I love this. The story teases you in, the ending is a brilliant pay-off and the graphics are excellent.

Negative one - White on black gfx and silhouetted were enjoyed. I specially liked the parts where you showed the highlights of the killer.

Overall - great work everybody. Not a bad apple here. And that's the way it should be, I suppose.

But all too often it isn't.

Luis - I notice you only credited 4 other authors. Either NegativeOne or Fudge weren't credited. Why's that?

Anyway, stay funky y'all.


You kinda jacked more than the backgrounds from Calvin and Hobbes, eh? I definitely remember that strip, you could've at least given credit to the story as well.

Besides all of that, this was a decent piece.

Hmm, i really liked for...

...negativeones and specialagentreges work. And the first or second, i cant remember, was good. As i can say the one with q in his name had scruffy graphics, they werent look too good.Other ones i didnt mention were too sick or dump, as the 1 with guy dropping from the roof... and the boys in park.Sick,sick,sick.Sad.

Really coool, you guys should be really proud

This really great talents all combinded into one mvoie, really sweet


wow this time trial is probably one of the best. i have seen a few of the others but i must say this is the one that has impressed me the most, my favorite movie here was the one by quelantaro and then maybe negative one or secretagentrage which made me laugh a lot.

this is one of the very few really good things on newgrounds, i hope it makes the frontpage so that many people will see it.