Reviews for "NGTTXIV Group A"


damn, how many of this type of movie are you guys going to make....?
hopefully, a lot more, because i love this series.

7/10: good

Not too bad, not too bad at all! Though wasn't as impressive as I thought it would be, but enjoyable none the less. I got say I was surprised to see squeezy as one of the artist though. I like his style and bearly see any more titles from him. I thought quelantaro was the best visually and artistically and squeezy for his humor and unique pudgy animation.
3/5 r


Too bad I missed the dealine. :(

Secret Agent Rege's film noir take off was my favorite.

Quite enjoyable

Nice stuff guys, everyone of them was pretty good except for the one witht he Bat beating the guy up in front of the tree. Sorry, I wasn't as big of a fan as that one. Luis, as always great work. Sqeezy, I've always loved your stuff. As for the last one, sorry I forget the name again, excellent, hilarious story and good animation. Nice work.


this time trail sucks