Reviews for "NGTTXIV Group A"


Another nice compilation of cartoons here, the mixture of styles is an interesting one, lots of different angles and perspectives present. Some better than others, but all of them good, the audio that followed with it fit in nicely, wellcompressed too, and alltogether the pieces filled in the flow, great styles, keep it going!



Wow. The constraints for this Time Trial are some of the tightest I've seen yet. Will be interesting to see what people can accomplish within these guidlines.

Quilantaro's Entry

Wow, this was a nice looking stylish, piece. The music really worked well with it, sounded almost film noirish at times and Spanish at others! The bit right at the start may have been pretty random, but it really seemed to invoke the style of the music. Nice strong story you have going on here.

Sqeezy's Entry

Well the characters in this are undeniably all your own. You have a stylistic flair in the way you create your characters than just makes them standout as your creation. This was a good entry, pretty funny at times. Not that strong of a story it must be said though...

Luis' Entry

This was a very straightforward entry. I was expecting some kind of twist or swerve to happen, but nope, the wife just got flat out killed. The graphics in this were really strong, the black and white style works for it as it adds a vibrance to it that is increased when the blood starts to flow. Nice enigmatic, mysterious looking killer too. Quite strong characterization for such a short piece.

Fudge's Entry

The animation and graphics here were kept to a bare minimum, whether this was a deliberate choice or as I see, possibly time constraints, I do not know but what I do know is that I liked it. Don't know if it really fitted in with the theme of the title, as it seemed more like just a random bully/punk going to beat them up at first, then bam, the guy is dead.

Secret Agent Rage's Entry

Hehe, this was great. The first entry so far, possibly out of them all, to go flat out Noir for the black and white entry. Sure, it might seem like the easy way out, but it is also the style best suited to the lack of colour. This was vaguely reminiscient of a Calvin and Hobbes strip, and you did use one for inspiration apparently, but then calvin and Hobbes is awesome so why shouldn't it deserve a little homage? Loved the guy's name and the random cliche noir babblings he kept spouting off. Think this was my favourite entry in this Time Trial.

Negativeone's Entry

Hehe, this was good. It was looking like a serious entry throughout, which I could have rolled with, but the punchline with the address on the letter was a kicker. Loved the use of silouette against the huge windows and the use of shadows. They really contributed to making this entry great.

Overall, this is one of the strongest Time Trial's I've seen, with every entry being strong, and some real stand out favourites!

Sqeezy is god.

I loved Sqeezy's scene. It was hilarious. Absolute for a time trial.

Wow............That was pretty kwl.

That was pretty kwl, like my summary says. I think Luis did the best one (No offence to the other authors, because they all rocked) because I think if you edit it a bit, make it a bit longer and spend as much time as you want on it (I read you did in 1 sleepless night!!) and I think it would be briliant.
The others were kwl as well, but I didn't think they were that good. I know you had a time trial but still some just spend like 1 day out of 3 ( i think)

So in 2 numbers: 10/10 (and one of those slashy thingies...?)
And also 5/5

Keep it up!


((( GREAT )))

Well this was awsome, very welldone, i loved all the different artists renditions, and made for a very deverse flash, and like always you guys bringing artistic value and meaning to the collab, so nice work indeed, hope to see more soon...