Reviews for "NGTTXIV Group A"


Those wer made with stlye dome a little crudly drawn
but i still like it. Luis and Negativeone had a really good style to them specially luis with the hitman 2 soundtrack. The theame brought up the game hitman instantly. Secret agnet was higlarous the twist made me laugh. LOL!

Really Good All Around...

My favourites were Agent's and Luis'

Agent cooincidently had the EXACT voice needed for this type of short.

As I said in the title, good things all around

Nicely Done

I have to agree SecretAgent's was the best. Tastefully done.


SecretAgentRege, you were definately the best!!! It was SOOOOOO FUNNY!!!!! The others were nice, but yours SecretAgentRege, was SO FUNNY!!!!!!!

they were all good

heh i hope group b is that good lol. everyone in group a was good but reg stood out in my books that was hilarious .. gj every1