Reviews for "NGTTXIV Group A"


I started making one for this, but I have a short attention span, and after seeing these, I knew mine wouldn't of got in.


I must admit... it's better than mine...

Everyone in Group A did a great job.


Everyone did a great job, i'm very impressed. My vote goes to Luis though.
keep up the great work.

How can they hear my inner monologue...

that was awesome! especially SecretAgentRege's. However the others were good too. Luis' was also very good, although I would've liked to know why the guy has a skull for a head (or is it a mask?).

they were all fine...

But I LOVED the last one!!

One of the most cleaver cartoons I've ever seen... Such an awesome take on film noir!!!
It should be in a submission by itself!! or maybe SecretAgentRege can do another on like that but longer!!

Oh, and by the way I'm a big Calvin and Hobbes fan too!! and his name is BILL Watterson... not Bob.