Reviews for "NGTTXIV Group A"

Queiantaro: The animations are great and especially with that drawings and the music is nice exciting.

Sqeezy: The music is very kewll, the animations and the drawings are good, it is funny too see that man running for his life with that weird face.

_luis_: Kewll buckshot in this movie, the voice is very good, and the drawings and the animations are very good, and the music is good,

Fudge: Kewll drawings, good animations, and the music is nice. Poor guy, is he killed for unknown reasons.hmzzz

Secret agent rege: Good story, I like that,
and that voice is very good, good drawings, good animations,

Great Job Guys

I liked it a lot.

Simply wonderful...

Good job all for such great work!

Good job

Good job by everyone on those animations. I liked them all, especially the one Luis made. Good flash even with all the restrictions.

Gotta love em!

I just can't get enough of these. They are so fresh and inspiring. I think that this one wasn't the best, but I still loved it.

SecretAgentRege had to have been my favorite!!!

But you all did an awesome job! Keep it up!

Also, why did you exclude a "view all" option? I would to have loved to kick back and watch them without having to reselect the one I wanted to see each time....Just a thought...