Reviews for "NGTTXIV Group A"

entertaining...nice variations in style

I like these time trials. It is great to see various artists challenge themselves with a limited palete. There were several great uses of strait shadow/highlight artwork. Nice rough sketchy feel to most of them. Sound was well timed on a few. Keep up the time trials, they're a great learning tool and really help develop and solidify styles and story-telling tools.

Time for A

Quelantaro- This was way to sketchy, you need to clean up everything. I like the whole angle you went on with idea. Very cool movie.

Sqeezy- Crap, where was the Murder for Hire? This was the worst of the entire Trial. BLah better luck next time.

Luis- Awesome, this was perfect. I loved the audio. But i do have one question. Why the fro on the skull??

Secret Agent Rege- A+!!!
Loved the anti drug at the end.
Never give up on the anti drug ads, they're always funny.

Fudge- This was well done. The still motion was great. Good job.

Negativeone- Loved this one as well. The animation top notch and the music was excellent. Loved the blood stain and the mail at the end. Great work.


...was by far the best in my opinion.


You are all very, very talented artists. We need to see more of you on Newgrounds! That was awesome! Each one of you has your own unique style of drawing. 10/10. This has to be one of my fave NGTT's.

Very nice work

Quality animation, for all. And quality stories for most of them. Very cool and stylized, I liked them all.