Reviews for "NGTTXIV Group A"

i loved it

that what so cool. I loved all of them, especially the special agent one. but they all were great. i also like luis, nice guy. great work!


Man I love the time trials! There one of the best features to Newgrounds. But whats interesting about them is that if you had just joined Newgrounds you wouldn't have a cool what NGTT was and you would spend a second watching it. But after awhile once youve watched over 1000 flashes like me you just love it because its so unique and each one is different. I loved every flash they all had their own unique style and idea. I also like the requirments because it really shows what authors actually have awesome talent. I had a tough time deciding which flash I enjoyed the most so I put it into sub sections. Since there was 3 flashes that were serious I thought that queintaro was the best serious flash. I liked it because of the way he used his characters to match with the music that was awesome. My other favorite was ofcourse secret agent rege that was so funny and the fact that is was supposed to be humorous was just great its always good to see a change of pace.

OVerall: Awesome 9

that was fukin sweet

i liked em all and off corse i loved luis's 1 cause that was sick and i love luis and all of his work he does cause he a pro.MAKE MORE DAMMIT MAAAAAAKKKKKKKKEE MOREEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

great work

great work by all u guys keep it up!

Special Agent, hands down

I had a blast watching that one, laughing so damned much. Anyways, if our votes help determine the winner, im going for the special agent.