Reviews for "NGTTXIV Group A"


when these win the day you know its been a slow day

Ok though...

not bad though

Awsome! I loved this one

Quelantaro: My favorite of the bunch. I love the animation style, its all smooth and blurry at the same time. The intro sequence perticually was very cool, but really, it was cool all around. I also loved how perfectly the animation was in synch with the music. When an animation synchs properly, it makes it three times better. The song was also really cool, you should have put in the credits what it was called though. I was kind of confused with the whole creatures deal. But I think they are spirits or something that infulence the guy to kill the other. Doesn't really fit the theme "Murderer for hire" though, but who cares. The ending is kinda funny because its just one terrible cliche. A little joke if you will.

Sqeezy: Very disapointing. It was just a guy running around. Nothing really happened much. I was expecting much stranger things from you Sqeezy.

Luis: Oddly enough, out of all of the movies combined, your movie came in 4th of my fav list. This is because altough your animation style was kick-ass as usual, you followed the cliche extremely closely. Buckshot (who else?) kills someone...for money. No real twist there.

Fudge: Kid gets beat up...not much else here. While the graphics were good and the music fits well, it lacked substance. Needs a twist.

SecretAgentRege: My second favorite of them all. The only real direct comedy out of any of them. And a damn good one at that. Very funny, made me laugh multiple times. Which is a good thing ;) The graphic style was a very nice. Quite different from the rest too. The ending is kinda weird though, I just that "job interview" was an attempt to frame him or something? Meh, whatever. Interestingly enough, that "anti-drug" spoof at the very end would have made a lot more sense in Fudge's movie, but oh well.

Overall, much better than group B's. Although that's to be expected. Good job.


kewl Tim..........

Really Great

They were all great, I especially liked SecretAgentRege's because of the comedy. But the Calvin and Hobbes creator was BILL Watterson, not Bob.