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Reviews for "The Interrogation"

This game has a lot of miss chances that just bare it down to nothing. I don't like it, sooooooooo, well I am sorry if 0 stars is not good, but the only way i rate it higher is if you held me at gun point.

the correct answers are the ones that make the elast amount of sense


-Want the truth
Talk about Ted until she says "Ted escaped because he was allowed to escape. Connect the dots."
-Why do you believe he's the murderer?
-The first option, the big long one about how he couldn't have stolen the car at that time
-How do you know that the car was behind Ted's apartment?
-This conversation is recorded; I never told you that.
-We witheld that information because only a criminal would know that
-Why were you driving a stolen car?
-Let her continue the story, and show the pictures of Yale and Helen

Bridget has some strange words. Intelligosity? Despairosity? Are those even words?

Best game on newgrounds, but...

There was a f*** up, nearer the end if u choose an option she says book me for murder which is correct but still says you've chose the wrong one but works 2nd time round


to keep this mystery of lies, murder and deciet in 7 parts is amazing. i love nt only ambiton but the others too. keep up the good work breh. you keep making the games and ill keep playing ;D