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Reviews for "The Interrogation"


3 tries! All on my own.

Just be tricky

All you have to do is be tricky and youll win and listen to what she says for holes and read the begining.

so tuff rrrrrrrrrrr

Relley hard man

finally i beat it

Yes and thanks to mr dude58 review for help me with a crucial part

Anyways this is to help beat it

:get to a dialogue thatasks her how she knows the car was parked behind teds apartement

she will say because you just told m
:tell her that the convo is bing recorded and u never said it

:she will say I must have read it somewhere

:say an effective police tactic is never to release crucial parts of a case in the media to trap the guilty person

:she admits to stealing you go to part 2 that is easy

not bad, good style

that's pretty much all i have to say .lol