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Reviews for "The Interrogation"


This game made me think a lot. It was really hard, since I have a very short-term memory, so I couldn't remember if I had told her things or not >w<. Either way, keep working it! These are addictive!

Very cool game.

Very cool game. Grahpics could do with a touch up. And maybe improve the voice overs a little.

Apart from that a very swish game. Keep em' coming! :D


the ambition seiries are good up 2 now but there kinda shit if ya think about it


it was pretty cool.....took some time, but i got it....


Hey, just so yall know, there are a lot more ways to get to a winning result than what the person who submitted a review two reviews before me decided to post. So, if you end up seeing that submission but you wanted to find your own way through the game, there are other ways...so don't worry, just play the game. Excellent game, great negotiation techniques, kewl interactivity.