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Reviews for "The Interrogation"


haha the woman said dude alot..didnt quite fit her character..haha..good game..i enjoyed it

Very entertaining

one of the best series for two reasons, 1:It's challenging and addictive, and 2: It makes you think unlike 95% of the rest of newgrounds

one of the best

i think this is one of my fav in the series. it wasn't too difficult, i was able to solve it on my 3rd try (as opposed to solving the other ones on my 20th try), and i personally loved the concept, very entertaining. good job.


I like this series ever since it started and i have to say they get beter each time

Great job

I'm a fan of the series and your games have helped me pass some time and kept me entertained.

I was however a little confused at one point where after my first attempt I failed, I clicked the 'return to previous correct answer' or something along those lines...and it went to a question I didn't hear the first time.

Anyways, very well done I hope to see more.